Start Dated:2013-7-19         End Dated:2013-8-6

Tender for Supply of Stationery items


Government of Pakistan

Cabinet Secretariat

Climate Change Division




Tender Notice


            Sealed tenders are invited from reputable firms for supply of Stationary/Non-Stationary items (Misc) items, toner for printers and Photostat machines etc. during the financial year 2013-14. The firms should be financially sound, registered with the Sale Tax and Income Tax department and have their offices/shops in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.


2.         Details containing bidding documents, terms and conditions, can be obtained at a cost of Rs. 500/- per bid document from the office of the undersigned during working hours. The bid along with pay order /bank draft of 5% of the total quoted bid price as security deposit in the name of D.D.O Climate Change Division should reach the undersigned by or before 6th August 2013 at 11:30 a.m and the same will be opened on the same day at 02.00 p.m in committee room of this Division in the presence of purchase committee/representatives of firms/bidders who choose to be present. The amount of security will be refunded to the un-successful bidders within a week.


3.         The competent authority reserves the right to accept or reject the tender in whole or partially as per P.P Rules, 2004. The blacklisted firms/bidders will not be eligible to participate in the bidding process. 




                   (Muhammad Bashir)

    Section Officer (General)

Climate Change Division

4th Floor, Room. No. 423,

LG&RD Complex Building, G/5/2, Islamabad