“Four ecosystems of Pakistan are included in the global 200 most biologically outstanding Eco regions of the world”, Zahid Hamid

 “Four ecosystems of Pakistan are included in the global 200 most biologically outstanding Eco regions of the world”, Zahid Hamid


Islamabad: “the World Environment Day” was celebrated at local hotel with the collaboration of SAARC Energy Centre and ministry of Climate Change. The Theme of this world Environment Day is “Connecting People with Nature” all over the world.’


“The 5th June was designated as World Environment Day   by the Un General Assembly in December 1972 to mark the first day of the historic United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm that year, said by the Minister for climate Change.


“The Resolution of the General assembly urged governments and UN organizations to undertake worldwide activities on that date to reaffirming their concern for preservation and enhancement of the environment. As a result it has not only generated political will for formulation of plans and policies to tackle these issues, it has also initiated change in people’s consumption habits “, highlighted by the Minister.


He further added the world Environment Day is celebrated in Pakistan with great zeal and enthusiasm every year. These celebrations are often led by civil society organizations concerned with the environment, and supported by the government. Although Pakistan environment Protection Ordinance was promulgated in 1983.It was until after the National Conservation Strategy was approved in 1992,just before the Earth summit in RIO De Janerio that environmental issues started receiving proper attention.


He also highlighted that the national Conservation strategy which was prepared after a long consultative process with all sectors of society which helped in spreading awareness of the environmental challenges confronting the country including air and water pollution, land degradation and lack of sanitation and waste management.


The next significant development was the passing of the Pakistan Environmental Protection act 1997 after an extensive consultative process, he informed the audience. He further told the audience that Pakistan was an active participant of COP-21 and COP-22 .We ratified Paris agreement and submitted well-researched INDCs. As a country vitally concerned with climate change, we are keen that the agreement is implemented as envisaged and hope that promises related to availability of finances for adaptation and mitigation projects of developing countries such as Pakistan. In this connection, the joint statement of leaders of France, Germany and Italy a few days ago reiterating their commitment to the agreement was very reassuring.


Meanwhile parliament has passed the landmark Pakistan Climate Change act. The National forest Policy has also been approved by the Council of Common Interest and Green Pakistan Program is also being implemented quickly.


He also said that Pakistan is blessed with the wide range of ecosystem and habitat ranging from K2 in the north to Arabian sea in the South. Because of the diverse topography and climatic conditions, these habitats support a large number of species many of which are of global significance. Four ecosystems of Pakistan are included in the global 200 most biologically outstanding Eco regions of the world.


Mr. Bernard Francois Head of Cooperation EU Delegation also addressed the audience and said European Union put great emphasize on climatic legislation. As a result of this many toxic  have been restricted. The article twelve of Paris agreement talks about climate education and awareness. In this regard EU signed an agreement  with Mountain Glaciers Protection organization to discuss these issues with all stakeholders.


Mr. Neil Bhune Country Resident of UN also addressed the audience and said UN is custodian of Sustainable Development goals. He appreciated the climate change act ad said Pakistan deserves supports from international community.


The event was attended by diplomats of Srilanka, Maldives, Nepal .Many government officials and representatives of international organizations participated in the event.