Pakistan Confrence on Sanitation (PACOSAN)

There is a broad consensus on the means and approaches to address the sanitation sector as provided in the National Sanitation Policy but there is lack of clarity on the details of what that would mean in practice and who needs to do what when it comes to the identification of the roles and responsibilities of the various tiers of the government for achieving MDGs for Sanitation and Hygiene. The Delhi Declaration under SACOSAN III held in November, 2008 in Delhi, India provides an indicative Road map comprising five groups of milestones towards successful achievement of the national goals under the MDGs for Sanitation and Hygiene. The Pakistan Conference on Sanitation (PACOSAN) was organized as part of calendar of activities for the National Year of Environment to promote the sanitation and hygiene cause. The mechanism for a reward system, to all tehsils/ towns through the Provincial governments on achieving "Open Defecation Free"status, as part of the National Sanitation Policy was also acknowledged.

The main purpose of holding the Conference is to reaffirm the national commitments towards sanitation by appraising the present situation and brainstorming on the preparation of a PACOSAN road map and finalizing Pakistan Sanitation Action Plan highlighting a set of practical and measurable actions on achieving outcomes in a systematic manner.

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