Administration & Development Wing

Total strength of Ministry of Climate Change is 173 employees (58 Officers and 115 staff members).


The Administration Wing is headed by a Sr. Joint Secretary. The responsibilities of the Administration Wing are as under:-

  • Personnel Administration of the officers/ officials of the Division.
  • Personnel administration of officers of the attached departments/ organizations/ projects.
  • Budgetary (non-Development) and financial matters of the Division and its attached departments/ organizations.
  • Matters relating to audit, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Department Accounts Committee (DAC)
  • Implementation and follow up of Cabinet Decisions and President’s / Prime Minister’s Directives.
  • Coordination between wings of this Division and with other Ministries / Divisions.
  • Matters relating to National Assembly/Senate and Standing Committees.
  • Matters relating to hiring of residential accommodation.
  • Reimbursement of medical charges to the serving/retired officers.
  • Maintenance of PER record of all employees of this Division and attached departments and maintenance of annual declaration of assets.
  • Processing promotion, pay and pension cases of the officers / officials of the Ministry and its attached departments.
  • HRM and grant of NOCs for visits abroad.
  • Trainings, conferences, seminars and visits abroad.
  • Printing of Year Book

Development Wing

Development Wing is headed by a Sr. Joint Secretary. The responsibilities of the Development Wing are as under:-


  • All policy matters relating to development schemes/initiatives.
  • All budgetary matters of PSDP Development projects.
  • Reconciliation statements.
  • Internal monitoring of development projects.
  • Work/cash plans.
  • All cases of defunct M/o Environment relating to PSDP projects.
  • All administrative matters PSDP projects of this Ministry including:
  • Matters relating to DDWP/CDWP.
  • Matters relating to DAC/PAC in r/o development projects.
  • Foreign funded projects.
  • Interaction and Coordination with all Wings of MoCC as well as with the projects.
  • Year book material for the Wing
  • Matters relating to National Biosafety Centre (NBC), issuance of licenses, legislation regarding establishment of NBC through an Act of the Parliament, etc