Climate Change and Environment Wing

Environment Wing is headed by Director General (Env/CC). The responsibilities of Environment Wing are as follows:


· Climate Change & Environment

· Environmental Legislation

· Trans-boundary (inter-provincial, regional and international) Issues

· Matters relating to Sustainable Development, Water & Sanitation, Sustainable Urbanization,

· Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) including UN Framework Convention on Climate Change             (UNFCCC) and Kyoto Protocol

· Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

· Coordination with UN Agencies/ International and Regional Organizations/ International NGOs including UNEP,     UNICEF, UN-HABITAT, SAARC, SACEP and SACOSAN.

· Celebration of International Environmental Days

· Acts as Secretariat for: Pakistan Environmental Protection Council (PEPC)

· Env. Wing formulated following policy documents:


-      National Environment Policy (2005)

-      National Drinking Water Policy (2006)

-      National Sanitation Policy (2009)

-      National Climate Change Policy (2012)

-      Framework for implementation of National Climate Change Policy (2014-  2030)


·Env. Wing is also coordinating initiatives with international and regional organizations which includes:


i.             National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) (draft)

ii.            Environment Climate Change Outlook (ECCO) Report

iii.           National Technology Needs Assessment.

iv.           Second National Communication

v.            National Report on Urban Development of Pakistan

vi.           Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of Islamabad

vii.          Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)

viii.         Biennial Update Reports (BURs)

ix.           National Adaptation Plan