Pakistan gender climate award 2024 Press Release

PM's coordinator on climate change & environmental coordination Romina Khurshid Alam stated that Pakistan's commitment to gender inclusivity in national mainstream and climate action is unwavering. In our national climate policy and adaptations plans gender has rightfully been prioritized as an area for action, she added. She was addressing Pakistan gender climate award 2024 second edition, which was hosted by civil society coalition for climate change, in collaboration with Embassy of France, the French development agency, the European Union delegation to Pakistan, the UAE embassy and UNDP. 

PM's coordinator stated that the recognition of women achievers through this award ceremony underscores the critical nexus between gender and climate. It serves as powerful reminder of the indispensable role that women play in driving climate action forward, often in face of unique challenges and barriers. She also extended her heartfelt appreciation to the foreign governments represented in the event for their invaluable support and partnership in our collective journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future. 

While congratulating the women achievers, she also remembered Mr. shabbir, climate beat reporter who passed away during reporting &  raising awareness on climate change and said her ministry was working on climate award attributed to his name.