Capacity Building on Water Quality Monitoring and SDG 6 (6.1) Reporting


Location: Islamabad, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Objectives of project:

  • To develop and establish a national/ provincial drinking water quality monitoring and surveillance management system.
  • To strengthen the capacity of WASH cell and PHEDs to track progress of SDG 6 (6.1).
  • To build capacity of human resources on water quality testing, monitoring and provision of necessary equipment.


Development Partner: Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)-in kind support USD 7.420M (PKR 1,187.2 million) and PSDP Component PKR 102.006 million.


Implementing Agency: Environmental Wing Ministry of Climate Change & Environmental Coordination (MoCC & EC).


Executing Agency: PHED Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PCRWR, and Pak-EPA.


Physical Progress/ Deliverables:

  • Baseline for water quality laboratories under, KP, Punjab and Federal EPAs has been developed.
  • Tender for purchase of equipment for 36 labs in Punjab and 8 labs in KP  has been done. Delivery in process.
  • Training/capacity building Consisting of Mid-level officials from stakeholders has been conducted on Date: 18th August – 6th September 2022 (20 days). Participant: Nine (9) working-level officials (MoCC&EC, PEPA, PCRWR, HUD & PHED in Punjab, LG & CDD in Punjab and PHED in KP) completed.
  •  Development of MIS for water quality reporting and tracking of operational activities of water quality is in process.
  • Purchase of IT equipment, establishment and repair/maintenance of water and Sanitation Hygiene Cell in MoCC has been done.
  • Invitational Training Program in KOREA including Master Training Program for 90 days is under process with KOICA for setting schedule and course has been completed on 9th June 2023.
  • Training/capacity building Consisting of high-level officials from stakeholders for (07 days) Participant: high-level officials (MoCC, PEPA, PCRWR, HUD & PHED in Punjab, LG & CDD in Punjab and  PHED in KP) conducted from 7th-14th July 2023.

Way Forward:

  • Development of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for 45 laboratories of PCRWR, PEPA, and PHED in Punjab and KP in coordination with KOICA is under process.
  • Delivery of laboratories equipment in KPK and Punjab is in process and will be completed till end September 2023.
  • Local trainings of Laboratories staff for the equipment plan from August 2023 till February 2024.