Climate Resilient Urban Human Settlements Unit

To strengthen the city governments’ capacity in engaging the line dapartments and agencies and also the non-state actors to effectively meet the urban development challenges throughout Pakistan, as per the international obligations of Federal Government to meet the UNEP; UNFCCC & UN-Habitat targets under Rio+20 Declaration; New Urban Agenda; and SDGs.

To plan and implement the harmonized Action Plans for developing “Climate Resilient Safe & Sustainable Cities”, in collaboration with the Pakistan Urban Planning & Policy Centre at Ministry of PD&R (Planning, Development& Reforms); along with the UN-Habitat (Pakistan); all Provincial Urban Units; and the Line Departments of P&D; Local Governments; Housing & Urban Development of the Governments of Gilgit & Baltistan and the AJK.

To facilitate Provincial Urban Units in launching community-motivated urbanization initiatives and in implementing urban projects; to facilitate their access to external funding with development partners and set aside international funds for adopting actions in developing Climate Resilient Cities, like the Adaptation Fund; Global Environment Facility and Green Climate Fund in addition to the increased Government’s budgetary allocation.

To assist Pakistan Urban P&P Centre in Ministry of PD&R; in implementing Pakistan Vision 2025 strategic initiatives for transforming gall urban human settlements into economic growth hubs and eco-friendly sustainable cities through improved governance, effective urban planning, efficient mobility infrastructure, better security & community participation in collaboration with city governments.

To develop and strengthen the capacity of city administrations to assess the emission targets and adopt low-carbon energy-efficient comprehensive Action Plans to convert their urban-heat islands into “Climate Resilient Cities”, towards fulfilling international commitments of the federal government through the focal Ministry of Climate Change.


Original Cost Rs. 56.825 (Million rupees)
Revised Cost Rs. 59,288,401(Million rupees)
Date of Commencement 01-07-2019
Completion date (as per PC-I) 30-06-2024