Development Wing

Development Wing is headed by a Joint Secretary. The responsibilities of the Development Wing are as under:-


·         All policy matters relating to development schemes/initiatives.

·         All budgetary matters of PSDP Development projects.

·         Reconciliation statements.

·         Internal monitoring of development projects.

·         Work/cash plans.

·         All cases of defunct M/o Environment relating to PSDP projects.

·         All administrative matters PSDP projects of this Ministry including:


-       Matters relating to DDWP/CDWP.

-       Matters relating to DAC/PAC in r/o development projects.

-       Foreign funded projects.

-       Interaction and Coordination with all Wings of MoCC as well as     with the projects.

-       Year book material for the Wing

-       Matters relating to National Biosafety Centre (NBC), issuance of       licenses, legislation regarding establishment of NBC through an Act   of the Parliament, etc

                               -       Matters relating to NDMA